Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New pigtat ??

By now, you all know that i plan to mark pig as my property.  The question is, "with what?"  I want it to be elegant and sexy, but it also has to enhance his appearance and make him more marketable as a piggy whore.  This weekend I tried this one on for size.  It is temporary and installed into the pig as a model.  Your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pussy Eating Champion


pig has been such a good boy being a gay whore that I decided last week to let him have a special treat.  Normally, pig is not allowed near pussy except to watch it and smell it and wish for the days when he was a real man.  But I learned about a pussy eating contest recently - a young domme who wanted a NSA pussy eater and who was willing to offer tryouts for male subs.  I actually thought this MUST be a fake, but took a chance and sent pig.  Now you all may not know this but by all accounts, pig is a spectacular pussy eater and has never failed to give orgasms to any woamn who has taken its mouth to her clit.  Well, it turns out this lovely young thing was real and that pig was contestant #3.  Apparently  pig delivered the goods too, because once he gave her orgasm after orgasm without tiring or relaxing, she declared the contest over and pig the balls down winner. You think this was a good reward for my pig?


Now the question is -- if I allow pig to service her on a regular basis, what extra whore duties must it perform for me?  Suggestions?????

Lady D


Monday, May 14, 2012

Pig's New Wine Glass

Dear Readers

Am I not a caring Domme?  I believe it is a good and wise thing to allow pig and other slaves an occassional drink of wine.  Especially when I have some new level of debauchery for pig to perfrom, it is best to loosen up its inhibitions and, combined with a good long period of sexual teasing and orgasm denial, get it ready to obey at new levels by getting the pig a bit tipsy.  You have heard of cow tipping?  This is my version of pig tipsy. Of course, pig may not sip its wine like a human and, instead, it must imbibe taking all of the wine into its asscunt - which is much more entertaining for me, much more humiliating for pig, and which facilitates the more rapid absorbtion of the alcohol into pig's system - which is really all I care about anyway.

 In the past, I had simply filled a traditional rubber enema bag, shoved it up pig's ass and let flow.  I admit, not very classy.  Well, now that we have begun displaying pig's sexual adventures for you all, I thought it fitting that pig's wine be taken from a proper glass.  So I obtained a glass enema syringe of gigantically large proportions, and, well, as they say, a porn video is worth 1,000 words. . .

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pig Pussy part 2

Dear readers

So many of you enjoyed pig's pussy, I thought it only fun to finish off my little counselling session with piggie about how his asscunt needs to be opened for business.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pig Pussy for Sale

Just a little tidbit to remind you all that pig's pussy IS for sale.  Now, who wants a taste?  the line forms to the rear.

LAdy Deb

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cuckoldress Shows her Stuff

Dear Readers

So many of you have asked about pig's cuckoldress - the woman pig can never ever fuck again.  Lucky you, I prevailed on her to allow me to post just one short video she preapred as part of her process of seducing her Bulls and of teasing pig by making him ache for what he can enver have.  What man weouldn't want to fuck this?  pig does, but never will.  Only true alpha males can excite and satisfy this piece. .  .